"Ye Olde English Pub"



Our Cousin Earl (sandwiches)

The Pall Mall Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, and our Picadilly relish. Delish!


All of our Duke Burgers are made with the finest beef and come with our famous Piccadilly relish, lettuce, and onion crisps.

Duke of Earl: Our deluxe burger, dragged through the garden (tomato, lettuce, onions, pickle) + English cheddar, + crispy bacon.
$17.99 “Double Duke” any burger (2 patties) for $3.99

Duke of Cheddar: Our classic cheeseburger with English Cheddar.

Duke of Melbourne: Deliciousness from down under! Our classic Duke burger with beetroot and a fried egg, Aussie style!

Duke of Wayne: BBQ Sauce, fried onions, and mushrooms, will have you swaggering John Wayne style.

Pub Favourites

Bangers and Mash with Class: English banger style sausages, organic buttermilk mash, and brandy gravy.

Fish and Chips: We took the gold dust from the Royal Exchequerery and coated cod fillets with it to die for.

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